The sense of intimacy.

Distinctive female filmmakers with different intellectual background explore the feminine love affair with Miu Miu in a series of compelling short films, called Women’s Tales.

Zoe Cassavetes is the first filmmaker to be announced with The Powder Room, an enchanting and dramatic short film set in London’s Claridges hotel. As its name suggests, the piece takes us into an ultra-feminine environment where gestures between women are traded in a ritual of opulent beauty. In this world Cassavetes uses the romantic codes of the powder room to mirror the beauty and luxury of the Miu Miu universe.

More tales here.

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Free coffee in vein

No more ways to start the day better, with Todd Terje super sound!

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Experiencing good ideas.

Each year, Tokyo sees approximately 2 million bicycles abandoned in its bustling streets, many of which for the most part go unnoticed.
COGOO, an organization which aims to make our urban environments cleaner places, decided to do something about the problem, so that the city’s inhabitants would take notice.
They came up with ‘Saddle Blossoms’, a campaign which is ‘a beautiful solution to an ugly problem’. The project sees the seats of neglected bikes being reappropriated as planters, bringing attention to the forgotten two-wheelers through flora. Each saddle was outfitted with a name plate that stated the species of vegetation sprouting out of its surface which drew the attention of passersby.

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Never time to say goodbye.

DARKSIDE is coming to an end, for now.
On September 12th, Nico and Dave will be playing their last show at Brooklyn Masonic Temple.
Thanks God they leave us with such a great memories.

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How to not fall in love?

Stella McCartney Resort 2015

“They’re the Stella Superheroes!” said Stella McCartney about the colorful, bot-face print and embroideries she showed at the garden party resort presentation in New York City.
“We always like to have some humor in the collection. They’re our superheroes for superwomen.”

Save money and shop Stella here.

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"Music that will make you want to build a highway through a low income neighbourhood."

Bob Moses, my new obsession.
More tracks on soundcloud.

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White is what I see.

Following the saturation of brightly coloured, neon and patterned sneaker trends, the fashion forward have been looking for something a bit different; a cleaner, simpler look. This is how the Foot Locker White Collection came in.
Watch how skateboarder Kilian Martin keeps his sneakers untouched.
Remember to keep ‘em clean.

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We are made of water.

Ogilvy Paris innovated an irresistible way for Vittel to remind people to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, Vittel Refresh Cap.
A tailor made cap that pops a flag every hour to gently remind you to drink. When you twist the bottle cap shut after your refreshing sip, a timer begins automatically.
The program was launched in France in order to gauge consumers’ reactions and measure their behavioral changes.

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A new beginning.

Thanks San Pellegrino!

A new beginning.

Thanks San Pellegrino!

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How much beauty and psychedelia in the new The Black Keys album!
Turn Blue is the name, here just one of my favs.

Enjoy here Year in Review and do not miss to stream the full album here.

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New Balance: an interpretation.

Ghica Popa is a graphic artist and creative director based in Bucharest. His distinctive style can be easily recognized by the mixture of robots, industrial rivets, square space vehicles and strange characters.
He worked for brands such as: Nike, DC Shoes, Less Taiwan, Bic, IKEA, Yahoo, Orange, Samsung, Windows, Nikita clothing, Coca-Cola and many others. Find out more geometry here.

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Dubai, a dreamy cruise collection
Karl Lagerfeld drew inspiration from Dubai’s gold souks and skyline for Chanel’s first fashion show in the UAE city, presented on a private artificial island.

Models in woven gold suits, floaty harem pants and even a jacket made of the same fabric as the ghoutra - the red and white headscarf worn by men in the region - walked down a sand catwalk before 1,000 international guests.

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To my love.

Damon Albarn, Lonely Press Play.

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What if Wes Anderson x Forrest Gump?

“A Chocolate Box Kind of Life”.

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What if designer brands made groceries?

Israeli artist Peddy Mergui recently created a series entitled “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat,” in which he explores the boundaries of everyday design within consumer culture.
By creating generic grocery products that are branded with today’s most prominent brands, he invites the viewer to ponder the meaning of what these brands mean to us.

Here the official website for more information.

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